Why Penguins?

The first question most people ask is why penguins and ….I am not really sure. It was one of those quirky things that started at University – probably from missing my Whimsies collection!

But as the seeds of extreme commitment to my new found interest grew – I realised that penguins are fascinating, intelligent, communal, hard done by flightless birds who live in some very harsh, extreme yet beautiful places. And I have a house full of penguin “everythings” – which proves a great game for small children to find and count of the penguins in my home.

There are 17 varieties of penguin in the world and my dream is to see them all in their natural habitat during my life time.

Having SC Productions has allowed me time off in the winter to travel to some amazing habitats, some remote places and meet some great folk along the way.

My first trip in 2004 was to the Antarctic Peninsula – having sailed across the sea from Tierra del Fiego on the tip of South America for 3 days to
reach the snowy tip of the great southern continent. Leaving South America we briefly saw the Magellanic penguins on the rocks in the Harbour mouth.
Penguins have some great neighbours – the Albatross, Orca Whales, Petrels, Crab Seals – even the ice and the glaciers were extraordinary – everyday was a real adventure.

Christmas 2004 was spent with Gentoo, Chinstrap and Adelie penguins.

Over the last five years I have visited New Zealand on a fairly regular basis and guess what also lives there – Little (Blue or Fairy) Penguin, the
Yellow-eyed Penguin and the Fiordland Penguin. Yet to see the Fiordland Penguin – they are a rare spot and only able to be sighted at different
times of the year to my visits.

Quick hop to the Galapagos in 2007 – which was truly amazing and well worth a visit – made all the more complete by our penguin adventures on our last day to see the world’s most northerly penguin – the Galapagos Penguin. Up early for a 6am sighting as the penguins come ashore to burrow for the day.

And now in 2011 the piste de resistance – a trip to the Falkland Islands – which is penguin heaven to me. King penguins, Rockhoppers, Macarconi
penguins – will keep you posted on what happens..

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